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Nature is the ultimate innovator, on a constant journey for survival, growth and sustainability. It is only when an Eco-system of species come together that true growth occurs. The first sign of this triumph is a fresh new leaf appearing from the ground.

This symbol is a stylised reference to the Aspen Leaf as it symbolises victory, transformation and vision, key traits of the Cogent Brand. The modern and simplistic style of the icon reveals the leaf in the negative space between two shapes that join to transform their meaning.


At its core, an Eco-system is a network of overlapping entities that work together to achieve a common goal. This synergy is infinitely expanding as it continuously searches for new connections to survive and thrive.

An Eco-system shows us that there is always a bigger picture and that whatever is in front of us is a part of a whole.


Cogent Consulting is a consulting collective that specialises in innovation projects for their clients in Corporate IT.

I was hired to deliver:

  • Name generation
  • Concept
  • Art direction
  • Brand development
  • Iconography
  • Web design and development